WH Press Secretary Whines About the Press

Posted: Apr 19, 2010 2:20 PM
The atmosphere is the White House press briefing room seems to be growing heavier these days.  First the administration chided Fox News, claiming the network wass a "wing of the Republican Party."  In addition, a number of Obama allies have organized bullying campaigns dedicated to silencing commentators like Fox News host Glenn Beck. 

Now, press secretary Robert Gibbs seems to be waging a war of words with the entire White House press corpse corps.  In an interview on CNN's "Reliable Sources," Gibbs claimed some of the press corps' members care more about getting their face on camera than reporting the facts:

“I wonder at times what it would be like” at his daily briefings “if we turned the cameras off, and we could just have a discussion,” Gibbs said on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” likening the events to a “cable TV show.”

“I sometimes joke that I know when somebody thinks they have a good question, because when I walk in they've already got their makeup on.”

Isn't it funny how everything out of this guy's mouth is a slap at someone else?