Pence: President’s Drilling Announcement is a “Smokescreen”

Posted: Mar 31, 2010 11:45 AM
Via, Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., says:
“As usual the devil is in the details.  Only in Washington, D.C., can you ban more areas to oil and gas exploration than you open up, delay the date of your new leases and claim you’re going to increase production.

“The President’s announcement today is a smokescreen.  It will almost certainly delay any new offshore exploration until at least 2012 and include only a fraction of the offshore resources that the previous Administration included in its plan.

“Unfortunately, this is yet another feeble attempt to gain votes for the President’s national energy tax bill that is languishing in the Senate.  At the end of the day this Administration’s energy plan is simple: increase the cost of energy on every family in America and trade American jobs overseas at a time when millions of Americans are looking for work.”
I'm in agreement with Pence: this most likely is an attempt to garner quid pro quo votes for cap-and-trade, as well as increase government revenues to help pay for Obama's big-spender agenda.  As Moe Lane points out:
[T]he White House is implying the promise of jam tomorrow - in reality, it’s just a study to revisit the denial of jam yesterday - in exchange for jam today. Only the jam today is actually a swarm of angry wasps.  Try again, Mr. President.  Start with rescinding your interference with the Bush drilling permits, and expect to give up more.  A lot more...
In his speech this morning, the president also noted that his decisions to expand offshore oil exploration would be “guided not by political considerations, but by science,” much like his "climate change" policies are--how comforting.