Investigators Confirm: No Wiretap Attempt by O'Keefe & Crew

Posted: Jan 28, 2010 1:42 AM
The Washington Post irresponsibly published a story today that said, "The conservative young filmmaker whose undercover sting damaged a liberal activist group last year faces federal criminal charges in an alleged plot to bug the New Orleans office of Sen. Mary Landrieu."

Without any evidence to support the assumption that James O'Keefe and his crew were trying to "bug" the Senator's phone, a number of MSM outlets ran with the story.  Tonight, they are eating their words (or just ignoring their error).  Law enforcement officials are now confirming:
[T]he four men arrested for attempting to tamper with the phones in the New Orleans office of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) were not trying to intercept or wiretap the calls.
So, all the comparisons to Watergate can stop.  Now.  However, O'Keefe did admit entering the federal property on false pretenses... so what was he up to?  There are theories floating around out there, but no real evidence to confirm any of them.  Stay tuned...