This Day in American History...

Posted: Dec 07, 2009 2:56 PM
"...A date which will live in infamy..."

More than 2,400 men and women lost their lives during the attack Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by the Empire of Japan 68 years ago today.  This surprise attack brought the United States into the growing conflict of World War II through a Congressional Declaration of War:

It was a most dramatic spectacle there in the chamber of the House of Representatives. On most of the President's personal appearances before Congress, we found applause coming largely from one side—the Democratic side. But this day was different. The applause, the spirit of cooperation, came equally from both sides. ... The new feeling of unity which suddenly welled up in the chamber on December 8, the common purpose behind the leadership of the President, the joint determination to see things through, were typical of what was taking place throughout the country. 

--Judge Samuel Irving Rosenman, advisor to President Roosevelt