This Is Getting Embarrassing... (Updated w/ Video)

Posted: Nov 14, 2009 8:12 PM
First this...

Now this...

Even the LA Times is asking, "How low will the new American president go...?"

President Obama first denied he had bowed to the Saudi royalty, but his actions were crystal clear during his visit to Japan this week.  In Japanese culture a deep bow like this is a sign of respect and "deference to a superior."  Sweet--just the message I want my president sending!

This kind of "deference" is pretty unprecedented.  I guess this is just some more of that "change" Obama promised us all--indeed another teachable moment.  Go ahead and do a Google search to try and find other instances of American presidents bowing to the Emperor of Japan.  And while you're at it, see if you can find any other world leader bowing.  Go ahead... I'll wait.

Gee, I miss the good old days of respectful diplomacy coupled with an unabashed pride in America:

Update: Here's a game everyone can play--watch the video below and see if you can count how many times President Obama bows!  And if you still think it was a right thing for Obama to do, then it's also worth noting that neither Japanese Emperor or his wife returned Obama's "gesture."

PS--If I were Queen Elizabeth II--who didn't get a bow from Obama--I'd be pretty PO'ed.
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