Glenn Beck: No Sympathy for Carrie Prejean

Posted: Nov 12, 2009 1:29 PM
Glenn Beck discussed Carrie Prejean's childish temper tantrum from last night's Larry King Live on his radio show this morning.  I couldn't agree with him more: her street cred is shot... and there's no way I will be buying her book. 

Unlike Jillian and Hengler, I don't think Prejean's being treated unfairly at all.  She was a private citizen, but the attacks on her continue because she's keeping herself out there--open to criticism.  And then when she is criticized, she complains how unfair or "inappropriate" people are being.  I'm with Beck on this one--own up to whatever mistakes you've made in the past; don't try to lie and squirm your way out of them--LEARN from them.

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