UK Climate Expert Warns Against Copenhagen Treaty, Global Warming Sham

Posted: Nov 05, 2009 3:15 PM
President Obama and other world leaders are gearing up to meet in Copenhagen next month to discuss global policies to fight global warming climate change.  However, British climate expert and former advisor to Margaret Thatcher Lord Christopher Monckton--the man who reportedly was denied an opportunity to provide congressional testimony contrary to Al Gore's--is giving the United States a stern warning about the implications a global climate treaty could have on the country.

Last month, Monckton spoke at a conference held at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The conference previewed a newly released 22-minute documentary entitled Climate Chains, a contrary viewpoint to Gore's notorious Inconvenient Truth:

Following the documentary, Monckton spoke to the audience, dispelling fallacies surrounding global warming climate change, and issuing a warning about the impact of government "solutions"--including cap-and-tax and, more specifically, the pending Copenhagen agreement:

For the full version of Monckton's presentation, click here.  (It's long, but well worth watching)

Monckton has most recently appeared on the Glenn Beck Program on Fox News Channel.  During his interview with Beck, Monckton joined former UN Ambassador John Bolten in assessing the upcoming Copenhagen meeting.  (Video after the jump)
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Liberals are scrambling for dirt on Monckton to try and discredit him.  What do you think?