Dozens (of Dems) In Congress Under (Ethics) Investigation

Posted: Oct 30, 2009 1:24 PM
So far, all known suspected offenders in this latest round of sleazy politician bingo are Democrats:
House ethics investigators have been scrutinizing the activities of more than 30 lawmakers and several aides in inquiries about issues including defense lobbying and corporate influence peddling, according to a confidential House ethics committee report prepared in July.

The report appears to have been inadvertently placed on a publicly accessible computer network, and it was provided to The Washington Post by a source not connected to the congressional investigations. The committee said Thursday night that the document was released by a low-level staffer.

The ethics committee is one of the most secretive panels in Congress, and its members and staff members sign oaths not to disclose any activities related to its past or present investigations. Watchdog groups have accused the committee of not actively pursuing inquiries; the newly disclosed document indicates the panel is conducting far more investigations than it had revealed. ...
The investigation includes some old news ::cough:: Charlie Rangel ::cough::.  But there are also a couple of new suspicions popping up around members like Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.)  and Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-W. Va.). 

See full Washington Post story here
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