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Obama: Listen to the Doctors

As Greg showed earlier, President Obama pleaded with a crowd gathered today at the University of Maryland to "Stop paying attention to the folks who are spreading false charges, crazy rumors about our plan.  Pay attention to the health care experts--the doctors and the nurses--who know our system best

Ok, that's a good idea.  Let's do that. 

In the latest poll of 1,376 practicing physicians, 65% of them said they opposed health care plans the administration and Congress are proposing; only 33% voiced their support. 

Well, maybe the doctors just don't like politics.  I mean, they are doctors and work to make money by amputating appendages helping people, so maybe once Obama's health care plan went into effect they'd find they actually like it..?  Orrrrr not: a whopping 45%--nearly 1/2!--of doctors in the poll said they were likely to close up shop if the reforms being considered now were passed. 

I guess the president was right--we should listen to what the doctors are telling us.  They are giving us an overwhelming, resounding NO.


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