Support For War in Afghanistan Wanes

Posted: Aug 20, 2009 12:17 PM
The Washington Post reports today that the majority of Americans now see the war as not worth fighting.  According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll,

Overall, seven in 10 Democrats say the war has not been worth its costs, and fewer than one in five support an increase in troop levels.

Republicans (70 percent say it is worth fighting) and conservatives (58 percent) remain the war's strongest backers, and the issue provides a rare point of GOP support for Obama's policies. A narrow majority of conservatives approve of the president's handling of the war (52 percent), as do more than four in 10 Republicans (43 percent).

Among all adults, 51 percent now say the war is not worth fighting, up six percentage points since last month and 10 since March. Less than half, 47 percent, say the war is worth its costs. Those strongly opposed (41 percent) outweigh strong proponents (31 percent).

This must be great news for troop morale among those fighting in the deserts of Afghanistan.  In addition, have people forgotten what happened on September 11?  Are we who are sitting at home while American men and women are overseas giving their lives to this fight just growing weary of depressing headlines? 

No one likes the thought of war.  But if we were to withdraw from the war in Afghanistan, how could anyone be comfortable in knowing that Osama bin Laden was still breathing this earth's oxygen, and that the people who support him and his maniacal and genocidal plans for the West were still in positions of significant influence.  Suck it up America, and remember why we're fighting this fight.  I can think of 2,974 reasons off the top of my head.

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