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This cannot be a real statement. It can’t be. If so, this administration is truly asleep at the wheel. We knew that already, but it’s now more of a secondary progressive phase. What the hell is this? The economy could be impacted if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Can someone tell these Biden people that the economy is already wrecked, and that recession is right around the corner? The economy shrunk last quarter. Inflation has sky-high. Energy prices are beyond absurd. And the supply chain crisis continues. Yet, if the landmark ruling on abortion is overturned, the impact on the economy could be severe or something. What are they snorting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because I wish I could get lost in eternal bliss for a few minutes? This comes after it was leaked that the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe in the Dobbs case (via The Hill):


White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein argued in a new CNN interview that the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion would have a devastating impact on the economy for women in conservative states.

“Financially, it’s like losing a job,” Bernstein told CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Thursday. “It’s like being evicted, it’s like losing health insurance, it’s like going to the hospital in terms of its impact on their finances.”

He added that it would disproportionately impact lower income people.

“If you are a wealthy person in a place without access, you can probably get yourself to a place where you can access an abortion,” he said. “All of these costs will fall most severely on those who are unable to access abortion should Roe come down.”

The Supreme Court is currently weighing the Roe ruling in a Mississippi case. A draft opinion in favor of overturning the four-decade old Roe abortion decision was leaked to POLITICO this week. POLITICO reported that a majority of the Supreme Court justices privately voted in February to upend the landmark 1973 Roe case but such a decision has not be finalized by the court.

Sir, your policies that have spun inflation out of control have hurt the working class more than the overturning Roe ever could. Please, stop it. Your trash energy policy that’s led to pain at the pump causes more pain daily than the overturning of Roe. This is such a weak argument that I’m shocked it was ever trotted out. This is a classic ‘horse has left the barn’ moment. The economy has already been torched. There is no devastating impact, Jared. We’ve been feeling it ever since President Drooling Vegetable was sworn in to occupy the office. 


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