Good Morning, Joe Biden, The Nation Thinks You're an Incompetent President

Posted: Jan 24, 2022 11:45 AM
Good Morning, Joe Biden, The Nation Thinks You're an Incompetent President

Source: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden sucks. That's the pithy explanation for the recent polling that was released over the weekend that showed nothing short of disaster concerning how the American public is viewing this dementia-riddled administration. The real nightmare is that we're only one year into this so-called presidency—and Biden and his crew have done a swell job in derailing the country in all phases. 

I feel like his staff wastes more time making sure grandpa doesn't leave the keys in the fridge than actually governing. Not even NBC News could cover for him, his approvals are so bad. He's no longer seen as a leader. He's not effective. He's incompetent (via NBC News): 

…when Americans were asked to describe where they believe America is today, the top answers were "downhill," "divisive," "negative," "struggling," "lost" and "bad."

Those are the grim findings of a new national NBC News poll conducted less than 10 months before the midterm elections, when control of the U.S. Senate, U.S. House and governors' mansions across the country will be up for grabs.

"Downhill, divided, doubting democracy, falling behind, and tuning out — this is how Americans are feeling as they're heading into 2022," said Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies.

That pessimism and gloom isn't helping the party in control of the White House and Congress.

While the poll shows Democrats enjoying a narrow 1 point advantage over Republicans as the party that should control Congress, it also shows President Joe Biden's job approval rating remaining in the low 40s, Republicans holding a double-digit edge in enthusiasm and key Democratic groups losing interest in the upcoming election.

"There is nothing but flashing red flights and warning signs for Democrats," said McInturff, the Republican pollster.

As Katie wrote this morning, the situation in Ukraine could easily boil over soon. Russian troops are mobilizing. We've told Americans in Ukraine to evacuate, but that they're essentially on their own concerning how they make those arrangements. I'm not kidding. We've seen this movie before in Afghanistan where Biden has left Americans behind. This is the classic "good luck, getting to the airport" notice. Mr. "I'm going to be tough on Putin" is folding. 

Biden pretty much gave the Russian president the green light to invade Ukraine when he said that there could be a different response if the Russian incursion was minor. His team quickly cleaned that one up for him, but the damage was done. Oatmeal for brains had already shot his mouth off. 

Will Biden take note of his trash performance? No. He said he doesn't believe the polls because he feels he's done such an awesome job. He's a man who thinks he's a Rhodes Scholar but only as a C-minus grade point average. He's a .22 caliber mind for a .357 caliber world. Maybe he will figure things out when the GOP takes over everything come November.