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So, That's How CNN Responded When Someone Called Out Their Meltdowns About the Breonna Taylor Case

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN is having a meltdown over the Breonna Taylor decision. Well, actually everyone in the liberal media is because this is what they do. It’s non-stop outrage porn from these folks and this case especially has brought out all the hardcore action. Seriously, we have CNN legal analyst Laura Coates giving some lecture about how Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who is black, was “very juvenile” in his presser where he announced the findings of the grand jury investigation.


None of the officers are being charged with murder. One officer is being indicted on wanton endangerment. In March, Taylor was killed when officers were attempting to execute a search warrant based on suspicion that her ex-boyfriend was part of a drug operation. He wasn't there. Contrary to initial reports, this was not a no-knock warrant. The police identified themselves. A firefight ensued when Taylor's boyfriend at the time, Kenneth Walker, fired on officers. Taylor was killed in the exchange. Her death and that of George Floyd is what set the Left off this summer. 


And now Coates said that Cameron used triggering language and hidden gestures because that’s where are now with the Left; all the things are racist. CNN just plain has the ‘woke’ legions shredding its already laughable credibility as an impartial news outlet. We all know they’re some of the most hardcore anti-Trumpers out there. So, when Curtis Houck, the managing editor of Newsbusters, a wing of the Media Research Center that tracks liberal media bias, called out the network as he always does for their shenanigans, CNN mocked his mental health issues. Yeah, says all you need to know about these folks. They can’t win, so they get personal. 

As the Daily Caller noted, this is what happens when you criticize CNN.  

"Stay classy."


Oh, and to no one's shock, MSNBC isn’t much better on covering this story either.

Right now, Louisville could become engulfed in riots as Black Lives Matter and other lefty activists take to the streets. This is why Louisville police canceled all time off so they could get barricades set up, declared a state of emergency, and have the national guard on standby. 

Full disclosure: I was an intern at Newsbusters, and I know Mr. Houck. He’s excellent at what he does and that can be said for the entire team there. Keep up the good work, NB. 


Editor’s Note: Got Taylor’s boyfriends mixed up regarding the search warrant. Apologies for the error folks.

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