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Yes, You Heard That Right. MSNBC Just Tossed Out A Conspiracy Theory About Jeffrey Epstein's Death

AP Photo/Mark Thiessen

Is MSNBC no different from InfoWars, the site that runs on conspiracy theories? Well, today, they’re certainly no daylight between them. This morning news about Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide dominated the headlines. The former billionaire hedge fund manager with ties to some of the world’s most powerful and connected people was found dead in his cell, despite being put on suicide watch for the past two weeks after he failed in his first attempt. Reportedly, he was taken off suicide watch hours before he killed himself. Yes, there are a lot of questions; Attorney General William Barr has already ordered the FBI and the DOJ inspector general to look into how Epstein died while under federal custody. And alas, that brings us to MSNBC host Joy Reid who alleges that Barr could be behind the death of Epstein, while other MSNBC guests and hosts inferred Russia. Put down the crack pipe, everyone (via Grabien):

Host Joy Ann Reid suggested Attorney General Bill Barr is connected to Epstein’s death.

Her colleague, Joe Scarborough, said Russia is beind the death.

Another MSNBC personality, John Heilemann, favorably quoted tweets from the producer of the Showtime series, “Billionaires,” Brian Koppelman, who suggested Epstein’s death shows how closely connected the United States is with Russia. 

On “AM Joy,” Reid repeatedly suggested Barr could be tied to Epstein’s death.

"Can we say this again? So this facility is run by the Department of Justice, meaning William Barr’s Department of Justice?" Reid told her panel Saturday morning. “This is now a facility under the control of the Department of Justice. And this Department of Justice does not exactly inspire confidence, let’s just be blunt. William Barr’s Justice Department is not one you can readily simply rely upon and feel confident in. So what do we make of all this now that in this federal facility, this person was allowed to be alone long enough to either harm himself or be killed — we don’t know what happened.” 

Also, Reid should know better. She’s dabbled in these nutty waters before, especially when she was exposed for publishing past homophobic and anti-Semitic posts. By the Left’s standards, she should have been canceled a long time ago. Oh, and let’s not forget Reid’s trashing on the late John McCain and pushing some 9/11 truther nonsense. Her defense: she was…hacked.  There’s no evidence of that, plus time travel would have to be included in the mix to make that theory work. Even CNN at the time has trouble taking this whole defense seriously. It was a shoddy defense and she knew it; she eventually apologized. Yet, she’s not alone. 

Host Rachel Maddow inferred that President Trump’s executive order on immigration caused U.S. soldiers in Chad to be killed…because why not. Of course, that wasn’t the reason. In fact, it was so out there, so totally wrong, so outrageous, and so illogical that The Washington Post had to take this behind the back of a barn and shoot it.  

While InfoWars is more in-your-face, theatrical, and totally insane, MSNBC is more polished, professional, but also totally insane—and these examples only show that at times, the Left’s go-to liberal news networks aren’t so different from the former. Trump has broken the minds of many on the Left since 2016. 

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