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Well, 2018 is over. Happy New Years! For many, 2018 was a great year. Frankly, if you’re healthy and your family is healthy, all is well in the world. Yet, for liberal America, 2018 was another year under the Trump White House. In other words, they still think we’re living under the iron grip of Mordor. Except we're not. Over three million jobs were created, small business and consumer confidence remain at record highs, and unemployment dipped below 4 percent. There were more job openings than job seekers this year. And the downward spiral started when the Democrats retook the House in the 2018 midterms, the mark of the Pelosi Crash. I have confidence the markets will rebound. For two-time presidential loser Hilary Clinton, she left a New Years message on social media saying that this year was a “dark time for our country.


In many ways, 2018 was a dark time for our country. As it ends, I'm grateful to everyone who brought light into it: activists who protected kids at the border, journalists who stood up for truth, organizers who mobilized voters for the 2018 elections, candidates who ran races with grit and inspiration, voters who made their voices heard, and absolutely everyone who marched, donated, called, and protested to fight for the values we share. Here's to more light in 2019, and to a shared commitment to make it as bright as possible. Happy New Year.

So, it’s a (non) dark time for our country because…you lost to Donald Trump. That’s what this boils down to…again. Shocker Donald Trump said he would make border security a priority, and he’s followed through. In fact, some policies, like separating children from adults upon arrest at the border, are a continuation of the protocols left under the Obama White House, Hillary’s former employer. And please, don’t get me started on the wall. We need it. Trump campaigned on it.  We have to have it, or at least some funding for it. Democrats say it’s a waste of money and a dumb idea, but then push Medicare for All, which is ruinously expensive and a cancerous idea from the depths of a socialist cesspool. It’s all part of the “poor me” tour Hillary has executed since the 2016 election. Darkness did not descend upon the country when Trump won. We’re still here. And the economy could be roaring if the Democrats want to play ball, which they don’t. So, if there’s an economic slowdown, and it’s possible because the Democrats have trash economic policies, then let’s continue to christen it the Pelosi Crash. All I can say is I’ll be fighting to Keep America Great in 2020. 



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