The Democrats' Initial Salvo Against Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Blew Up In Their Faces

Posted: Jul 11, 2018 12:50 PM
The Democrats' Initial Salvo Against Trump's SCOTUS Nominee Blew Up In Their Faces

We all know Democrats are against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is everything under the sun: he’s anti-worker, anti-woman, and an extremist on Second Amendment rights. He’s not any of these things, by the way. Still, it’s an effective scare maneuver, as Election Day draws nearer. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has already said he’s going to fight Kavanaugh with everything that he’s got at his disposal. It’s not much and whatever attacks they have were flubbed in the opening salvo. They also didn’t use the right picture of Judge Kavanaugh in their initial attack. They used a photo of Judge Thomas Hardiman.

The Women’s March blasted an email, where Kavanaugh’s name isn’t even mentioned. Nominee “XX” is going to destroy the country. Also, we can’t get a press release right. Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) came out against Trump’s nominee before he or she was even revealed at the time. This is very important in that voters were reminded that a) Casey is still a living senator; and b) he’ll pop flares in this fight, but then goes back into bunker—living off the political dividends of his last name (via ABC News):

“In a nation with over 700 sitting federal judges, many of whom were appointed by Republican presidents, it is outrageous that President Trump will nominate from a list of just 25 dictated to him by the Heritage Foundation,” Casey said in a statement Monday. “This list is the bidding of corporate special interests hell-bent on handing health care over to insurance companies, crushing unions that represent working men and women, and promoting policies that will leave the middle-class further behind. Any judge on this list is fruit of a corrupt process straight from the D.C. swamp.”

Casey also took a hit at the Heritage Foundation, calling it an “extreme Right organization,” claiming the group strives to cut Medicaid and accused Heritage of calling labor unions "cartels."

Yeah, that’s another funny aspect with this fight: how Heritage and the Federalist Society have been smeared as facets of some secret consortium akin from the X-Files because they’ve vetted and picked a solid list of judicial candidates from which the Trump White House can make their own conclusions when vacancies such as these present themselves.

Eat Popcorn As Democrats Eat Themselves
Kurt Schlichter

The fact is that Kavanaugh is a solid pick. He’s mainstream. He’s winning over the small, though powerful moderate GOP faction in the Senate; without Collins and Murkowski we could be sunk here. And his credentials are next to none. If the GOP remains united, the game is over, though I feel a couple red state Democrats will do the right thing and cross over on this nomination. For a side that’s vowed to fight to the bitter end, the opening salvo was a disaster. At least know the face of your enemy. Still, there’s a lot of time and more dirty tricks up the Left’s sleeve. This could get brutal fast. So, this isn’t the end game here with these failed opening shots at Kavanaugh, but it should give everyone confidence that their opening shots blew up in their faces.