It Begins: UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue Covered Up By Progressives, Call Founding Father A 'Rapist'

Posted: Sep 14, 2017 8:00 AM
It Begins: UVA's Thomas Jefferson Statue Covered Up By Progressives, Call Founding Father A 'Rapist'

We all know the liberal media establishment, Democrats, and progressives were not happy with the president’s remarks after the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia last month. The president said both sides contributed to the violence. Yes, both the white nationalist groups and the far left Antifa protesters, whose activities were classified as acts of domestic terrorism last year by the Department of Homeland Security, are an odious bunch. Both are violent. Both represent the worst of America. Both will rumble if these see one another. Yet, at Charlottesville, Antifa members did not run over people with their cars, which is what happened. One woman, Heather Heyer, was killed. So, I guess I could see at the moment, why Trump’s both sides comment was taken oddly, albeit the reaction to it from the Left was insanely overblown. In fact, Antifa’s actions after Charlottesville, in which they continued to beat up conservative protesters and members of the press, exposed them for the bullying thugs that they are in recent weeks. Oh, and voters think that yes, both sides were responsible for the chaos in Virginia. Yet, back to Trump’s remarks about monuments and where does this end.

He aptly noted that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson could become targets of this progressive nonsense to erase history that doesn’t fit within their hyper-politically correct view of history. If it isn’t ‘woke,’ it must be broke. So, trash it. Well, progressives at the University of Virginia, which was founded by Jefferson, decided to strike the first blow, shrouding the monument to our third president with a black tarp, calling the author of our Declaration of Independence a “rapist” and a “racist” via (WaPo):

Students and other University of Virginia community members shrouded a statue of Thomas Jefferson in black Tuesday night during a rally criticizing the university’s response to recent white nationalist demonstrations that unfolded on and near the campus.

About 100 people gathered for the protest Tuesday night, according to the Daily Progress. They covered the statue of the university’s founder, and signs reading “racist” and “rapist” were placed on it.


The university’s president, Teresa A. Sullivan, wrote in an email to the university community that she opposed protesters’ decision to cover the statue in a black shroud and said it was removed.

Jefferson was a slave owner; we can’t learn about him anymore. He’s evil, says the progressive left. Maybe these kids should consider transferring if that’s how strongly they feel. I bet they won’t.