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Pollster John Zogby goes on Quora, a Q&A website, which appears that he usually frequents and enjoys until recently when someone asked if there was a Secret Service Agent that would take a bullet for Trump. We already had one, Kerry O’Grady, who took to social media to say that she would rather go to jail than take a bullet for the president. A fateful posting that cost her top spot at the federal agency’s Denver office. She has since been suspended by the Secret Service. Yet, the answers from the thread devolved into nastiness, with users saying that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and both Bushes didn’t deserve to be spared in an assassination attempt. Zogby said that many expressed that they wouldn't shed tears if Trump were assassinated (via Forbes):

The already ugly nature of our political discourse has just gotten worse. Quora, a blog which I happen to like, just featured the question in my title. It also asked if there is a Secret Service agent alive who would (or should) take a bullet for the current occupant of the White House. Many folks who participated in the online forum swore that no agent would perform this duty nor should they. Then some bloggers raised the stakes and suggested that no agent should have been in a position to take a bullet for Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton or either of the Bushes.

What on earth is happening to us? It wasn’t that long ago that there was a sense of duty that went along with being a good American citizen and, I might add, a decent fellow human being. But what we as Americans have always shared together – a love of freedom, democratic institutions, a common purpose – has degenerated into partisan and ideological totalitarianism. It is my way or the highway. Otherwise nice people say they would not a shed a tear if Mr. Trump were assassinated, nor would their counterparts on the other side have wept if Mr. Obama had been killed in office. I have heard many – and please don’t deny this because you have heard it as well – actually wish that it would happen. And they either joke about it or half joke about it.

He went on to say that no wonder why young people tune out of politics before rating this moment as one of the worst moments in American history after the Civil War. After their shocking defeat in 2016, liberals went into an epic fit, with their supporters, unhinged, probably having a Trump assassination scenario playing out in their minds. It’s as if they thought Trump’s hypothetical death would mean Hillary Clinton could take over. That’s not how the presidential line of succession works, and yes—there were probably many who knew that but wanted the billionaire real estate magnate dead anyway. It’s morbid. It’s ghastly. But there’s no holier than thou here. I’m sure scores of conservatives had the same disgusting thoughts about Obama in 2008 and 2012. The only difference is that most on the Right did something constructive about about it, like retaking Congress and punishing Democrats at the state-level during Obama’s presidency. In all, over 1,000 Democratic congressional, state legislature, and gubernatorial seats were lost to Republicans. That’s a gutting. How did Democrats respond to Trump? They say the Russians hacked the election (they didn't); setting dumpsters on fire, pushing for impeachment, and hoping the severely diminished Democratic Party in Congress could wage all-out war against the Trump agenda. Spoiler: they can’t.

I couldn’t stand Obama, but you respect the office and the title. Don’t want a Republican or Democrat to win? Then, win the damn election, but I think we can all agree that wishing death upon the president of the United States is beyond childish, idiotic, and totally inappropriate. Oh, and depending on the circumstances, it’s a crime too. 

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