Republican Congressman: It's Pretty Clear That Clinton Is Mentally Impaired

Posted: Sep 09, 2016 2:05 PM

Well, Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) certainly had some fun taking digs at Hillary Clinton, though he kicked it up a notch when he said that it was pretty clear that the former first lady was mentally impaired at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

“I do want to warn since most people here are Christians and I’m serious about this; a true believer knows what Jesus did and still does, but you don’t make fun of people who are impaired, have special needs. And whether you like her or not Hillary Clinton has made clear she’s mentally impaired. This is not somebody that you should be making fun of. Now, so I get the impressions that in law school and along the way she’s been very, very smart, but I don’t know, maybe it was the concussion, the fall back when she did. Or maybe—who knows—they won’t tell us what really is going on with her.

Gohmert went onto say that he wouldn’t use a hammer to smash Blackberrys, which a Clinton aide did according to the FBI’s notes on their investigation into her unsecure and unauthorized email server, he would use a sledgehammer. He also used this to segue to take another dig at Clinton’s possible health problems.

“Well, who knows, maybe somebody got wailing around and hit her again, I don’t know,” he said.

Now, Clinton’s health has been the subject of media attention, though not really centered on her mental capacity. She had a rather prolonged coughing fit at a campaign stop in Cleveland, which prompted an aggressive media push back on behalf of her campaign. They told a NBC News reporter to “get a life” for writing about it. Is Clinton mentally impaired? I don’t think so. I know it’s been a topic of discussion among conservative circles, but she is one of the most dishonest people to ever run for the presidency. If it weren’t for her last name, this campaign would’ve been long over.