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No, Threatening To Kill a U.S. Senator Isn't How You Start A Conversation On Gun Control

Via the Blaze, comes the story of Kyler Schmitz. He’s a Virginia-based Uber driver, who’s been arrested and imprisoned over threatening tweets to Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO). Schmitz, who is gay, sent these tweets days after Omar Mateen executed the horrific shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which left 49 people dead. Well, it caught the eye of Capitol Police:


In the hours after Schmitz posted some of the messages, authorities used an automated license plate reader to track down his car, which was within two blocks of the U.S. Capitol, prosecutors said Monday.

Schmitz admitted to sending the tweets, his partner, Paul Cianciolo, told WRC, but said that the tweets were nothing more than “parody” and satire. Schmitz’s defense attorney deemed the messages “inartful political discourse” on the topic of gun control.


U.S. Capitol Police, however, argue in a court filing that Schmitz intended to make a “direct threat” to a U.S. senator, according to WRC.

Schmitz is accused of threatening other members of Congress with another tweet in which he wrote, “I can’t wait to shoot you in the face one by one.”

A judge ordered Schmitz held Monday until future court proceedings, WRC reported.

“I don’t know how to read these tweets in any way but as threatening,” the judge told Schmitz.

Right, because when liberals are threatening to assassinate members of Congress, it’s different. It’s to start conservations on gun control. That’s pure unadulterated crap, just like how it’s absurd say that Mateen attacked Pulse, which catered the gay community, because of conservative Republicans (via Huffington Post):


Orlando’s openly lesbian city commissioner, Patty Sheehan, a formidable long-time activist for LGBT equality, has been in the national spotlight for the past two weeks fighting to make sure the media didn’t take the focus off of the victims of the mass-shooting at the Pulse nightclub in her city: largely LGBT Latinx in a popular queer nightspot.

In an interview with me on SiriusXM Progress, she said she’s angry that many GOP politicians wouldn’t even say the words “LGBT” or “gay,” and were thereby attempting to straightwash the targets of the attack. She also has a message for those GOP politicians who both have voted against LGBT rights and voted against gun safety measures, yet expressed sympathy for the victims.

“Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida, walked on our blood-stained streets with people from the Hispanic community,” Sheehan observed of Rubio, who has been a vocal opponent of LGBT rights and even promised if elected president to try to overturn the Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality ruling. “And he went right back to Washington – one of the few times he actually showed up for work – and voted against sensible gun legislation.”

Oh, for crying out loud this was likely a terrorist attack. The FBI investigated Mateen, a registered Democrat, multiple times, he pledged allegiance to ISIS during the attack, and radical Islam is viciously homophobic. His ex-wife as unstable and violent described Mateen. His co-worker, Daniel Gilroy, described him as a violent, homophobic racist, according to the LA Times. The publication reported that Gilroy said Mateen would direct slurs towards blacks, women, and homosexuals. He said that Mateen wished he could kill all blacks when one drive by him on the street. In fact, things got so bad that Gilroy reported his behavior to his superiors. Nothing happened.


“You meet bigots, but he was above and beyond. He was always angry, sweating, just angry at the world," he said.

Prior to the attack, Mateen was reportedly enraged at seeing two men kiss. I’m pretty sure that he was acting on orders from his own twisted, inner-self. So, even if radical Islam wasn't a factor, this man was obviously disturbed, had anger issues, race issues, and adopted a virulent form of homophobia. That is not really due to the politics of the country. He was just a nutcase. Linking the GOP to this likely terrorist attack because they happens to support traditional marriage in their party platform is ludicrous.

Mateen was a terrorist and was in no way, shape, or form driven to kill due to the existence of the Republican Party. This once again shows how the progressive left, of whom the LGBT community is a cornerstone constituency, fails to see the horrors that radical Islam breeds. Folks, have we forgotten that ISIS throws gays off of buildings? But go on and blame Republicans.


Oh, and Mr. Schmitz—what on earth were you thinking?


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