Apparently, Jon Henke = Conservative Blogosphere

Posted: Sep 02, 2009 4:29 PM
As Jillian noted yesterday, blogger Jon Henke wants a boycott of World Net Daily

Full disclosure: I consider Jon to be a friend; I do not consider him to be a mainstream conservative (nor do I think he would pretend to be).  Jon is clearly not a social conservative, and would probably best be described as a libertarian.  ... Fair enough.

... I also do not consider Jon to be plural.

Yet that did not stop Media Matters from using his post as an excuse to write a blog titled, "Conservatives seek to boycott WorldNetDaily supporters (like the RNC?)".

It also did not stop David Sessions of Politics Daily (where I also write) from authoring a post titled, "Conservatives Boycott WorldNetDaily over 'Embarrassing' Birther Claims."  

His post starts off with this:
Portions of the conservative blogosphere are drawing battle lines with the right-wing news and commentary site WorldNetDaily,
First, I don't know that a boycott has really begun, and second, the term portions is accurate only if you consider one blogger to constitute "portions"...

I'm not going to weigh in on whether or not World Net Daily is good or bad -- or whether or not we should or should not boycott them (can I boycott something I never read anyway???).  That's another talk show.  But I do think it's worth noting that -- as far as I'm aware -- "conservatives" are not currently seeking to boycott World Net Daily -- one libertarian-leaning blogger is.  (Okay, I'm sure there are others who agree with him, but I sure have not seen RedState or Townhall or National Review or HotAir, et al. weigh in.  Correct me if I am wrong ...).

To be sure, Jon Henke is a talented and prominent blogger, but he no more speaks for the entire conservative blogosphere than do I -- or anyone else for that matter.

Perhaps I have missed something.  I have noticed a lot of people writing about Henke's boycott, but I have not noticed any conservative bloggers of note either endorsing -- or criticizing -- his proclamation. 

... Maybe Erick Erickson and Michelle Malkin are about to hit "publish" and this will, in fact, blow up.  But at the time of my writing, I do not see "conservatives" pushing this boycott.  So ultimately, my point is the liberal blogosphere -- and the MSM -- are using one instance to inaccurately portray the sentiments of a large and diverse collection of bloggers ... again.
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