I Know Because of KRS One

Posted: Jun 26, 2009 3:46 PM
I just learned that rapper KRS One and Public Enemy member Professor Griff aren't big fans of Barack Obama.   

In fact, Professor Griff had this to say,

"Obama has been given a pass by the bluebloods. He has been given the okay by certain secret societies for them to let him in. I truly believe imperialism and fascism needs a facelift and the facelift is going to have to be black."      

... To be sure, as you'll see, these guys are not conservatives, but radicals and conspiracy theorists.  Professor Griff, for example, is known for his anti-Semitic comments in the late 80s.  Still, their general cynicism of politicians -- including Obama -- strikes me as more realistic than the quixotic fawning of many "serous" members of the media.

Despite the fact that this story is now three months old, I just learned of it.  And I can't find that any major publications have even mentioned this story, which has been largely relegated to hip-hop websites and magazines ...

We know that P-Diddy and Will.i.am love President Obama, yet  the dissent of these two influential old-school artists has been largely ignored.  ... At least, I haven't heard of it until now.

If you were aware of this, please chime in in the comments below.
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