Re: Gov Kaine to Chair DNC

Posted: Jan 04, 2009 6:33 PM
Virginia is an odd state, in that the governor cannot succeed himself.  As such, this gives Kaine something to do after his term expires.  Keep in mind, he was an early supporter of Obama, and was on the veep short list, so he is due a good favor.

The notion that his election would help Democrats in Virginia is concerning.  One thing is for certain; if Terry McAuliffe is elected governor of the Commonwealth, you will know Obama's victory in Virginia wasn't a fluke -- and that Virginia has, indeed, morphed into something other than the old Virginia. 

I recently watched a documentary about the 2004 Ohio elections, called "So Goes the Nation."  McAuliffe's interviews were filmed -- no kidding, here -- in the back of a Limo.  He also had the audacity to say that if George H.W. Bush had not been elected president, that Ronald Reagan would probably have gone to jail.  If that guy gets elected governor of Virginia, all hope may be lost...

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