Nutroots Conspiracy Theory: Karl Rove Had Republican Innovator Killed

Posted: Dec 23, 2008 12:24 PM
As you may have heard, Republican political innovator Mike Connell sadly passed away recently in a plane crash. Connell was highly thought of as having been a top-notch political pro, as well as a very kind and generous person.

But now, liberal blogs, including the DailyKos, are actually insinuating that Karl Rove had him killed.

This sort of outrageous conspiracy theory is beyond the pale. I've always been of the opinion that whether this sort of accusation is launched by conservatives (such as Vince Foster or the Obama birth certificate scandal) -- or a liberals (such as this one) -- the end result to tarnish the reputation of the accuser. 

What is more, it is especially harmful to the family who has to deal with the death of a loved one during Christmastime.

As one former Bush staffer told me, "I believe they are doing a disservice to the memory of a fine and good man who did his best to serve the causes and charities that he believed in."

Conservatives who are outraged by this scurrilous attack -- and want to help -- should donate to the Mike Connell Scholarship Fund for his children.