Senate and House Races to Watch

Posted: Nov 04, 2008 3:44 PM
The presidential race isn't the only thing to keep an eye on tonight.  Here are some other races to keep an eye on...

- Dole (NC) - I think we lose this one.  She's been running some interesting ads, calling her opponent "Godless".  If Dole loses, it will be the first time in decades that there hasn't been a Dole or a Bush in national office.  In addition, imagine the idea of Jesse Helms' seat flipping to a liberal Dem!

McConnell (KY) - This would be a feather in their cap if the Dems could take down the Minority Leader.  I think McConnell will prevail, though.  He's a tough campaigner.

Stevens (AK) - Could this guy possibly win?

Udall vs. Schaffer (CO open seat) - Our former intern Abby is working for Schaffer, so my heart is with Schaffer.  But it's a tough year for Republicans, and Colorado looks like Obama Country.  And the Udall name is a good one.  My heart is with Schaffer, but my money's on Udall.

Landrieu (LA) - This was the only potential for Republicans to oust an incumbent senator this cycle.  The demographics have changed since Katrina, and Landrieu is always vulnerable.  I interviewed John Kennedy earlier this year.  He seems to be a good man, but he picked the wrong year.  Landrieu escapes...again.

Coleman vs. Franken (MN) - If they elect Al Franken, they're insane (then again, they elected Jesse Ventura...)

Sununu (NH) - Sununu pulls it out.  But I still think Bob Smith would've fared better in this environment...

Gordon Smith (OR) - I don't know much about this one.

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And here are some additional House races to watch.

-  PICK UP OPPORTUNITY – Lou Barletta (PA’s 11th) - I interviewed Mayor Barletta a while back.  He's a great guy.  I think he wins tonight!

Bachmann (MN) - Michelle Bachmann will hang on.  Her future is bright.

Murtha (PA) - Sadly, Murtha hangs on.

Walberg (WI) - Two years ago, the Club for Growth helped Walberg oust a liberal Republican.  If he loses tonight (which could happen), some will blame The Club.  This, of course, will be bogus.  Still, it won't stop the liberal Republicans from assigning blame.

Reichert (WA) - I innterviewed Reichert earlier this year.  He seems to be a good guy.  Not sure how this one will swing.

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