Who Does Number Two Work For?

Posted: Oct 31, 2008 1:35 PM
McCain Blogger Michael Goldfarb is taking some heat for telling CNN's Rick Sanchez that "we both know who number two is" when asked to name an anti-Semite that Obama hangs around other than Kahlid Rashidi. Maybe Goldfarb could have been a little more straightforward, but Sanchez is definitely being willfully ignorant here, because we ALL KNOW WHO NUMBER TWO IS…

Update:  …of course, they could have been talking about Khalid al-Mansour, who helped Obama get into Harvard. (the anti-semitism is 1:08 into the video).

…or they could be talking about this guy, who thinks Obama is "the Messiah." (Adam Brickley tells me that he also "needs a crash course on Ashkenazic Jewish History")

So, we now have "Number Two", "Number Three", and "Number Four". How's that, Mr. Sanchez.