JCN Releases New Ad

Posted: Oct 23, 2008 11:09 AM
The Judicial Confirmation Network, for whom I briefly consulted during the Alito confirmation, have announced a $250K ad buy covering Ohio, as well as Pittsburgh and northern West Virginia. 


America: land of opportunity -- and prosperity.

But what made America great is what we stand for: liberty -- equality -- inalienable rights. Fixing the economy is crucial.

But America's principles and Constitution are threatened by one more liberal activist vote on the Supreme Court.

Wendy: Please join Judicial Confirmation Network. Help spread the word: "It takes just one vote."

Wendy Long: "As we sit here today, America has a liberal, activist majority Supreme Court that continues to chop away at our Constitution. So much energy has been exhausted on so many other important -- and unimportant -- issues in the presidential election, that with 10 days left, now is the perfect window for Americans to focus on what even makes these public debates possible: our Constitution."

"As Ronald Reagan said, it's a miracle in the history of human government that comes along once in 6,000 years. Americans need to think about how our Supreme Court has treated our Constitution, and how we can all discharge our responsibilities to take better care of it in the future. Obama has proposed the same kind of liberal activism that has done so much damage to our constitutional republic in the past 50 years. McCain proposes restoring respect for what made our country great."