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It occurs to me that every election cycle, nearly every single presidential debate (even the GOP primary debates) are moderated by "old media" liberals.  This, of course, is problematic, inasmuch as a moderators true beliefs are bound to influence the debate.  Even if a moderator honestly tries very hard to hide their ideology, it is likely to impact their body language, inflection, and generally, the way they frame the debate.

Subtle biases are especially harmful because they are hardest to detect.  The worst cases often occur before the debate event begins.  For example, an instance of bias might include deciding which questions get asked -- or even worse -- which questions don't deserve to be asked ...

In my estimation, it is ridiculous that Republican candidates continue to consent to this.  Twenty years ago, we may not have had an option, but times have changed.  We now have a plethora of qualified conservatives -- some of whom are in the New Media (as opposed to the dying old media that Brokaw knows all too well) -- who are just as worthy and experienced, I would dare say, as Gwen Ifill.  The New Media is growing in popularity, but for some reason, we still look to the old media for "credibility"??? 

For every Gwen Ifill and Tom Brokaw, there ought to be a Bill Bennett or a George Will.  At the very least, we should insist on Fox hosting at least one of the General Election debates.

As long as Republican candidates consent to this treatment, they will get what they deserve...

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