Kathleen Parker Still Thinks Palin Should Go; Says Ifill Took it Easy on Palin, Says Women Offended With Palin's "Flirting for Votes" ...

Posted: Oct 06, 2008 2:58 PM
This morning, Kathleen Parker participated in a Washington Post chat

She opened the chat by joking, 
"I know you'll understand if I choose to ignore your question and talk about something completely unrelated. (Wink)"
Parker said she still thinks Palin should step down, that Palin was merely a political pick, and that Gwen Ifill took it easy on Palin.  

Regardling Palin's debate performance, she added that,
"I haven't talked to any women who weren't deeply offended by her flirting for votes."
And she wrote of Palin: 
"I do not believe that Sarah Palin is stupid. Far from it. But I do think she is disingenuous."
Following is an excerpt:

San Diego: Prior to the debate you asked Gov. Palin to step down "for the good of the country." After the debate you seemed to disavow this request. Am I reading that correctly or do you still believe she is not competent to be vice president?

Kathleen Parker: The simple answer is, no, I haven't disavowed the request. However, it's pretty clear she isn't taking my advice. My column about the debate recognized that she did what she needed to do to reanimate the base, but the question that remains unanswered satisfactorily is whether she is prepared to serve as president should that become necessary. I think the answer is still no.


Reno, Nev.: Why doesn't the McCain campaign just let Sarah Palin go on the news shows, and submit herself to the kind of questioning other officials face? That way we could be able to assess her on an even playing field. 

Kathleen Parker: I think the answer is obvious. We've witnessed how Gov. Palin does in a one-on-one interviews. That's far too risky. In the debate, she was able to ignore questions and riff about what she wanted to. An interviewer would never let her do that. A debate moderator could have reeled her back in, but Gwen Ifill let her go in part, I suspect, because she didn't want to seem to be partisan given the controversy around her book. For that reason, Ifill should have excused herself.