Newt Hits MSM, Defends Palin, Says Obama Should Have Picked Hill

Posted: Sep 12, 2008 11:57 AM
Newt Gingrich just came on the stage here at FRC's Values Voters conference, and received the first standing ovation of the day.  He immediately referred to the "stunningly distorted interview" of Sarah Palin last night.  He was specifically speaking of Charlie Gibson's questions regarding her religion.  Gingrich used religious quotes from John F. Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt, and juxtaposed them against Palin's prayer for our troops.  He noted that Roosevelt described WWII as a war between, "Our Christian civilization and barbarism."  Regarding JFK, he said:  "Can you imagine today if Governor Palin simply went around quoting President Kennedy, how confused the media would be?" 

Gingrich went on to call Obama's failur to pick Hillary Clinton "the great mistake of his career."  He noted that Hillary got 18 million votes and that Biden got 9 thousand.  He also joked that Obama picked, "a U.S. Senator elected when Sarah Palin was nine."  He also noted that Obama has spent just two days longer in Kuwait than has Obama.  "She is now more interesting on college campuses than Obama ... she is more of a change-agent than Obama ..."