Obama Exhausted?

Posted: Sep 08, 2008 5:30 PM
Clearly, the Sarah Palin pick has him flummoxed, and he obviously hasn't had a good couple of months.  

... But I wonder to what extend Barack Obama's recent bad fortune is the result of exhaustion.  Think about it:  Obama -- and most of his team -- have essentially been running for president for years now.  And an exhausted candidate is more likely to commit gaffes.  What is more, an exhausted candidate is more likely to make "safe" picks (like picking Biden), because exhaustion removes boldness.

McCain, conversely, had a couple of months of "down time" after winning the primaries, where he could spend weekends in Arizona. 

I wonder to what extend that rest has given McCain time to reflect -- as well as the energy and boldness to adjust to changing circumstances? 

Moreover, the fact that McCain has cycled in new managers and operatives might mean he is getting fresh talent off the bench, as opposed to having a staff who is just as tired as he is.
Something to think about ...