A Cover-Up? Holes in Obama's Bio Emerge

Posted: Aug 18, 2008 3:42 PM
Stanley Kurtz sees an Obama cover-up in the making ...

Clearly, Obama’s involvement with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge -- where domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was a founder -- is a topic the journalists (and voters) have a right to look into.

But it now appears there is a concerted effort being made by someone -- possibly Obama, but in any event probably someone with some connection of some sort to him -- to prevent anyone from investigating this too closely. 

Interestingly, the Richard J. Daley Library -- named after the infamous Chicago Mayor/political machine boss -- is among the possible organizations that appear to be involved in this effort to cover-up documents relating to Obama's involvement with this organization.

Ultimately, that kind of non-transparency is not acceptable in presidential politics (though it is typical of Obama's style of campaigning). 

We know that the Obama campaign is apparently terrified of people enquiring into his background, which would include his involvement with CAC.  But when a guy who has only three years’ experience in the US Senate could, in a matter of months, become Commander-in-Chief, it’s not surprising that people would want to look into his resume -- which includes his involvement with civic groups, like CAC.  And, in my estimation, that should be facilitated, not hindered.