Re: If You Can't Get Political Mileage From It, Why Bother?

Posted: Jul 25, 2008 1:27 PM
Obama's team says the Pentagon discouraged him from visiting a medical center.  Not so, says the Pentagon. 

... Check out this quote from Major Garrett, which he made earlier on Fox News:

GARRETT: he was scheduled to visit a medical center near ramstein air base. they decided not to do it because it would be viewed as a political act. the pentagon said today both at the podium and in a letter that they never told the obama campaign would be inappropriate. all they said is that there are strict rules about a senator visiting a military base. only still photographer could follow him, but that would be the only media coverage allowed. maybe that had something to do with the ultimate decision not to go. but the cut is making it clear that they did not discourage obama from making the trip, the gist of by some of the restrictions -- they just advised him of restrictions, should he make it.

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