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Jay Carney Blames <em>Conservative</em> Bloggers for "Whitey" Rumor

Obama has a new website designed for rapid response.  It's called, "Fight The Smears" ...

 Jay Carney of TIME was just on MSNBC, talking about it.  He went on to say that
conservative bloggers started the Michelle Obama "Whitey" rumors. 

Of course, you and I know it was a liberal blogger who started the rumor...

Should I start a website to stop the rumor that conservatives started the rumor???

Carney needs to get his story straight.

Update:  I'm also reminded it was Walter Mondale's former campaign manager Bob Beckel who most famously alluded to this rumor on Fox News, as well.  And he didn't merely report that it was a rumor -- he essentially said the story was going to come out.


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