You’re Afraid it’s All Been Wasted Time ...

Posted: Jun 05, 2008 1:39 PM

There's a meme out there developing that says McCain has wasted the last several months during the time when Obama and Hillary beat each other up.  This didn't ring true to me. 

And looking at this from First Read, it's clear McCain has been hustling:

"Here are some numbers about what the Arizona senator was up to during that gap. (Note: these are based on campaign schedules, which are always subject to change and don't include impromptu stops, non-campaign meetings, OTR's, etc, so the numbers are estimates and probably lowballed in most cases.)

McCain did a total of more than 75 public events in the 91 days that he was flying solo. He visited a total of almost 90 cities. And here's the big number -- he held at least 82 fundraisers in 31 states. That includes three dollar-delving swings through California, five through Florida, and three in the New York City area.

Those town hall meetings that his campaign is touting as his forte? Twenty-three of them, in 19 different states."

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