More "Dem-on-Dem" Action ...

Matt Lewis
Posted: Jun 04, 2008 10:00 AM

Make no mistake; Obama will have difficulty uniting his party.  Here's a blast from the past worth remembering ...

Former Gov. Tom Vilsack: "I must say that after reading and reviewing Senator Obama's comments, I have found them to be condescending and disappointing and they reflect in my view a very flawed reading and understanding of people who live in small towns in Pennsylvania and across the United States. Folks who work everyday, play by the rules, and want to do right by their families and their communities. I found his remarks undercutting his message of hope. ... I think the most glaring misreading and misunderstanding of people in small towns were Senator Obama's comments about God and guns. He suggests that in some way the faith of those who live in small towns is superficial. It's used as a crutch in a time of need. That's not what I know." (Hillary Clinton For President, "Gov. Tom Vilsack, PA Mayors Respond To Senator Obama's Recent Characterizations Of Pennsylvanians," Press Release, 4/12/08)

This one is good, too.