Andy Stern Faces Uprising

Posted: Jun 02, 2008 11:16 AM
At a convention in Puerto Rico this week, SEIU President Andy Stern is attempting to push through his "Justice for All" plan.  ... Of course, the real goal is to support Barack Obama in '08, and to advance his liberal agenda into the future.  

In typical Marxist fashion, Stern opened up the convention with the theme: "workers of the world, unite". 

Surprisingly, though, Stern is facing strong rank-and-file opposition.  Essentially, many SEIU members are angry that decisions are made by the powerful few in DC, and that they should have more of a say in making decisions.  It seems he has managed to offend people on both sides of the political spectrum.  Even this socialist rag takes shots at him for siding with companies over employees.

... For obvious reasons, Stern doesn't want people to know just how much opposition he's facing -- so he's already hard at work quashing internal dissent in Puerto Rico.  Stay tuned ...