Talking Hillary with Ezra

Posted: Mar 27, 2008 1:40 PM
I was also on TV with Ezra Klein, yesterday, talking about whether or not Hillary will fight on.  Note:  I make the argument that no candidate will ever hint that they are considering getting out of the race until they actually make the announcement.  As evidence, I bring up the fact that Mitt Romney was talking like a man ready to take the GOP nomination all the way to the convention before he abruptly decided to get out at CPAC.  Of course, Hillary has superdelegates to woo -- Mitt didn't.  So I understand the analogies aren't perfect. till, the point is that though I expect Hillary to stay in all the way to the bitter end, I don't base that assessment on what she says. Is there a chance she will be lured out with a VP offer? (Or is that going to Bloomberg?) ...  Here's the video ...