McCain Speaks to CNP

Posted: Mar 08, 2008 1:45 PM
Yesterday, John McCain spoke to a conservatives conclave called the Council for National Policy.  (Here's the Washington Times story about it.)

I spoke with a source who attended the meeting, and according to my source, nothing new or interesting was said by McCain -- and this was probably on purpose:
I think he probably took a half step forward.  He's not going to do anything that people could perceive as changing.  He's gong to stick with 'this is my brand.'  However, he kept saying, "i am a conservative Republican, my record is as a conservative Republican ..." 
More from a source on McCain's CNP performance ...

He is not convincing rhetorically, but he probably took half a step forward.

He made some progress.  For the most part, people are saying he's alright.

Update:  The fact that most CNP members who heard him speak last night were, at least, okay with John McCain, is a very good sign.  I am reminded that it was at a private meeting of CNP members (not officially sanctioned) that 50 or so members voted to consider supporting a 3rd Party candidate, if Rudy Giuliani were to win the nomination.  Of course, the obvious difference is that Rudy was pro-Choice, and McCain has a long pro-Life track record ...