Bush Speaks to CPAC

Posted: Feb 08, 2008 10:00 AM

Townhall's John Hanlon had a front-row seat for President Bush's CPAC speech this morning (at 7:15 AM).  Here is his report:

In an early-morning speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Convention, President George W. Bush reviewed the past seven years of his administration noting to listeners that the world has come a long way since he last spoke there eight years ago. Since that time, Governor Bush has been elected and re-elected President of the United States, where he continues to stand as the leading figure in the Republican Party.  

Bush used the speech this morning to review many of his past achievements in office, including the early tax cuts that helped spur fifty-two months of job growth. Bush also reminded the conservatives in the room about the major projects that he has tried to undertake during his administration, including Social Security reform. Through the entire speech, Bush seemed resolute in the decisions he has made and the goals that he has tried to accomplish throughout his two terms. 

Bush also used the speech to look forward to the 2008 presidential campaign and noted the importance of a Republican maintaining the White House after Bush’s current term ends. Although he did not name the crop of candidates in the race, Bush showed his support for them in this speech reminding the large crowd that we will continue to need someone in the Oval Office who will stay strong in the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq.  

The speech was well-received by the conservatives in the audience, some of whom had lined up as early as 5 AM to see the President speak. As President Bush took the podium at the beginning of the speech, he was met with a rousing chorus of voices saying, “Four More Years.”

My thoughtRonald Reagan spoke at 12 CPAC's.  It is nice that President Bush finally decided to join us.