A Message for McCain: Nominate Mark Sanford for VP

Posted: Feb 04, 2008 8:49 AM
Counting Mitt Romney out tomorrow is about as dicey as counting out the NY Giants last night ...  Still, the odds are that McCain will have a good day tomorrow. 

... Having said that, I just returned from a weekend with conservative leaders in Florida.  Today, I'm heading to Houston for some more of that.  In any event, one of the things I picked up over the weekend is that there is one move John McCain could make that would, to a certain extent, mollify many fiscal conservatives:

John McCain should pick South Carolina governor Mark Sanford as his running-mate ...

If you buy into the argument that McCain is too old to be president, this is one way to make sure that, unlike Bush, there is a young, conservative heir-apparent to the presidency that we can all rally around in the future.