Romney Has 4 FL Pro-Family Leaders

Posted: Jan 23, 2008 2:15 PM

This e-mail is making the rounds in the pro-family world in FL. Four of the top conservative org. heads are now with Romney:

Four pro-family leaders endorse Mitt Romney for Florida Presidential Preference primary

Recent changes by candidates for the Republican nomination for president have made it much clearer that Mitt Romney is the preferred candidate of choice in the Florida Presidential Preference primary.

The recent withdrawal of Fred Thompson from the nomination process and the news reports that Mike Huckabee will only have a minimal campaign in Florida leaves the winner take all race for Florida's delegates between Mitt Romney, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. The news reports on these recent changes are provided below. Additionally, the Rasmussen Report provided below shows Mitt Romney has the best chances of winning while Huckabee and Thompson trail far behind.

Rasmussen Survey of 754 Likely GOP Voters January 20, 2008

Election 2008: Florida GOP Primary

Mitt Romney 25%

John McCain 20%

Rudy Giuliani 19%

Mike Huckabee 13%

Fred Thompson 12%

Ron Paul 5%

Not Sure 6%

Dennis Baxley, David Caton, Carole Griffin and Anthony Verdugo, representing over fifty years of combined pro-family leadership in Florida, support Mitt Romney in the Florida Presidential Preference Primary.

The election results from Florida's Primary on January 29th will play a significant role in the Republican nomination for president. Florida's election results are expected to heavily influence the choice of voters during the February 5th Super Tuesday primary that will be held in many other state.

Mitt Romney is clearly the most conservative candidate among the top three competitive candidates (Giuliani, McCain, Romney) appearing on the Florida Presidential Preference ballot in Florida.

Dennis Baxley is the incoming Executive Director for Christian Coalition of Florida and former Florida State Representative for District 24.

David Caton is the Executive Director of Florida Family Association.

Carole Griffin is a pro-family lobbyist in Tallahassee and heads the Eagle Forum in Florida.

Anthony Verdugo is the president of Christian Family Coalition.