At RNC Winter Meeting, Rove offers Advice to GOP nominee

Posted: Jan 16, 2008 12:46 PM
I attended the RNC's Winter Meeting this afternoon in Washington, where Karl Rove addressed the RNC's executive director's meeting.

He took this as an opportunity to bash Democrats running for president, saying they all want higher taxes and are all adapting "irresponsible stands" on national security.

Rove also noted that Republican candidates running for president all support lower taxes, better healthcare, and stronger national security.

Of Hillary Clinton, he said: 

"She says 'I have a million ideas -- and the country can't afford them all.'  ... For once, I agree with Senator Clinton."

Rove also mocked Clinton's performance in Michigan last night, saying:

She's running against 'nobody' -- and 'nobody' gets forty percent of her vote."

On Obama, Rove noted: that in three years in the Senate:

"He's managed to pass one piece of legislation..."

He then added:  "... He has a more liberal voting record ... than Senator Clinton does."

Rove offered the following advice to whomever the GOP nominee is:

1.  Go out and create a sustained narrative about themselves. 

2.  Engage in kitchen table issues like healthcare, jobs, and education.

3.  Campaign aggressively in places where Republicans don't normally go.

4.  Demonstrate they are strong on Iraq -- and that the Surge has worked.