Fred Thompson -- And The Morning After ...

Posted: Jan 11, 2008 8:16 AM

Have you noticed that Frank Luntz's focus groups are almost always unanimous?  Last night, for example, almost everyone in his focus group agreed Fred Thompson won. 

The other night, almost everyone agreed that Mitt Romney won (although that overwhelming performance clearly didn't help him in New Hampshire).  My question is: Why are they almost always nearly unanimous?  Wouldn't you think that people's analysis of the debates would be a bit more evenly divided?  Something's up here ...

In any event, this morning, Joe Scarborough and his Morning Joe crew are accusing Fred Thompson of doing John McCain's "dirty work," by attacking Mike Huckabee last night.  Huckabee was on the show, himself, and said he doubted it was a conspiracy, but Scarborough keeps pushing the idea.  Based on the fact that a lot of people think Thompson won last night, I suppose if Fred was doing McCain's dirty work, he should keep on doing his dirty work all the way up to the GOP nomination ...

At least one major publication believes Thompson's performance last night was significant.  My former blogging home, Human Events has endorsed Fred Thompson

Human Events
is one of the most respected conservative publications in America.  This endorsement will rightly be a shot in the arm for Thompson, who needs to win South Carolina.

Lastly, a smart political observer emailed me this about Mitt Romney:

At the post interview with Mitt Romney, Alan Colmes asked him about distancing himself from Reagan/Bush in 1994 and his response was “I went to the funeral and learned about Reagan’s optimism and saw the light? EXCUSE ME, YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT REAGAN AND WHAT HE MEANT TO THE GOP TILL HIS FUNERAL? THAT HAS TO BE THE LAMEST answer and one of the biggest flip flops EVER. NO SERIOUS candidate who wants to carry the Reagan Mantel can honestly say they didn’t believe in Reagan till he died! 


Things are heating up in South Carolina.

Update: I just watched the video of Romney talking about Reagan's funeral, and (in context) it isn't nearly as bad as it sounded when I read what was emailed to me.  I don't see where he is saying he didn't discover Reagan's greatness until his funeral ...