Boehner: Obama More Liberal than Hill

Posted: Jan 04, 2008 8:53 AM
I just interviewed House Minority Leader John Boehner

Regarding last night's Democrat Primary, he tells me he's rooting for Hillary to win, because ...

"There's nobody that can unite and galvanize Republican voters like Hillary Clinton."
He also had this to say about last night's winner, Barack Obama: 

"If you look at Barack Obama, he has drug the Democrat candidates way to the Left.  If you think Hillary Clinton's liberal, you have not seen anything until you begin to look at Obama's record."
So why would the Minority Leader be talking to yours truly the day after the Iowa Caucuses?  Clearly, there is an organized effort by the RNC to have surrogates, such as Boehner, begin using the new media to define the Democrats.  Regarding the Democrats currently running for president, he tells me:

"There is a stark difference between Democrats and Republicans running for president.  If you look at the Democrats, there proposals are remarkably similar:  Higher taxes, bigger government, government-run health care, and soft on national security." 
Special thanks to Online Communications Director Liz Mair for helping arrange the call.