Gibbs' Redemption Song

Posted: Dec 24, 2007 9:46 AM

Amanda doesn't like it when I talk sports, but it's Christmas (and she's out of town), so here goes ... 

Kudos to Joe Gibbs and my Washington Redskins for last night's win.  If you follow the NFL, you'll know that it's been a tough year for Gibbs, so it's good to see him shine during a prime-time game.  According to the WaPost:

... Gibbs would never describe it as vindication, but there had to be something so sweetly satisfying about winning such a crucial replay challenge with 8 minutes 58 seconds left in the game.

A number of assistants noticed 12 Vikings on the field, and Gibbs was told plainly in his headset before he threw the flag. Minnesota had recovered a fumble, had its mojo working and wanted so badly to send the Redskins back down the road to second-half ruin they had come to know so well.

But those dunce-cap days seem so far away. The coach who admitted he didn't know the rules about freezing a kicker on back-to-back timeout calls three weeks ago against Buffalo brought all his smarts to bear against the Vikings. That call crushed Minnesota's momentum and, amazingly, sent Gibbs's team home for a date with Dallas on the last weekend of the regular season.

Whether or not you like the Redskins, you've got to admit:  Joe Gibbs is a class-act in the NFL, and deserves all his success. 

Now on to Dallas!