McCain on Rudy's Torture Comment: A Matter of "Inexperience"

Posted: Oct 25, 2007 11:30 AM
On today's blogger conference call, I asked John McCain two questions about Rudy Giuliani:

First, on the question of whether or not McCain supports the Red Sox (like Rudy), McCain said he is supporting his National League West team (which is really similar to Rudy's supporting an AL East team). 

He went on to add:

The Red Sox were my team growing up because I idolized Ted Williams, including his brave service in the Marine Corps, including two wars.
... On a much more serious note, I asked McCain to comment on Rudy Giuliani's recent statement that he wasn't sure if waterboarding is torture.

McCain compared this statement to Mitt Romney's saying he would consult lawyers before striking an Iranian nuclear facility as both examples of "inexperience" ...

He also added that while he does not expect Al Qaeda to observe the Geneva Convention, not turturing is a matter of America taking "the moral high ground."

Update - Philip Klein at AmSpecBlog has more, as does Capt. Ed.