Romney Campaign Tied to Anti-Thompson Site

Posted: Sep 11, 2007 9:38 AM
From the NY Times blog:

At least two top members of Mitt Romney’s South Carolina operation appear to be connected to an anti-Fred Thompson Web site that was taken down today after reporters began to make inquiries about it.

The Web site,, had attacked Mr. Thompson’s conservative credentials, openingwith the line: “Phoney Fred. Acting like a conservative.” But Internet queries reveal connections between the site and Warren Tompkins, a South Carolina political consultant hired by Mr. Romney, and Terry Sullivan, Mr. Romney’s South Carolina state director.

Here's something to keep in mind as you watch this race unfold.  Romney may have a squeaky-clean "nice guy" image -- and he probably is a nice guy.  But he has surrounded himself with some of the toughest (and some would say most negative) political operatives in the business.