The Club for Growth on Romney's Record

Posted: Aug 21, 2007 9:36 AM
Mitt Romney has just aired a new radio ad, titled, "Exceptional."

In other news, The Club for Growth released its white paper on Mitt Romney today (see pdf or html). 

From a press release:

“Governor Romney’s economic record contains a mixture of pro-growth accomplishments and some troublesome positions that beg to be explained,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey.  “While his record on taxes, spending, and entitlement reform is flawed, it is, on balance, encouraging, especially given the liberal Massachusetts Legislature.  His record on trade, school choice, regulations and tort reform all indicate a strong respect for the power of market solutions.  At the same time, Governor Romney’s history is marked by statements at odds with his gubernatorial record and his campaign rhetoric.”

Romney’s strident opposition to the flat tax; his refusal to endorse the Bush tax cuts in 2003; his support for various minor tax hikes; and his once-radically bad views on campaign finance reform all cast some doubts on the extent and durability of his commitment to limited-government, pro-growth policies.  His landmark steps in the healthcare arena also exhibit a mixture of desirable pro-free market efforts combined with a regrettable willingness to accept, if not embrace, a massive new regulatory regime. 

“While Governor Romney still needs to explain some of his past positions,” Mr. Toomey continued, “given his overall record as governor and the strong pro-growth positions he has taken on the campaign trail, we are reasonably optimistic that, as President, Mitt Romney would generally advocate a pro-growth agenda.”