Like Father, Like Son?

Posted: Jun 15, 2007 9:34 AM

Does the political apple really fall that far from the tree?

Conservatives who distrusted George W. Bush (because of his fathers’ liberal tendencies) seem to have been vindicated. Were they on to something?

Like George H.W. Bush, George Romney (Governor Mitt Romney’s father) was a good and decent man. But he was also a "Rockefeller Republican," who opposed the Goldwater/Reagan wing of the GOP.

Is it fair to judge a son by the father?

I know many conservatives with liberal parents. We all have free will and, as far as I know, there is no “liberal gene” that is passed from one generation to another.

But then again, the folks who never trusted "W's" commitment to conservatism are starting to look a lot better, right now.

Are conservatives in danger of making the same mistake again?